We are having an hors d'oeuvres reception. I love this part of our wedding because it is so US. I always fill up on appetizers before the main course is served, and honestly, it is my favorite part. I love picking at a variety of foods. Most of the food will be influenced by Spanish and Mexican flavors.

Here are some pictures of our menu tasting with Preferred Sonoma Caterers.

On the left: smoked salmon quesadilla
On the right: some kind of torta
Middle: Gambas al Ajillo (aka garlic shrimp-apparently a really popular tapa)

Garlic and romesco sauces with some meat, bread and veggies for our Spanish fondue station.

Here is our tentative menu:

Guest Arrival
Cucumber water, iced tea and horchata
Wheel of California Brie with fruit and crackers


Pollo de Pipian Taco Bar
: Petite flour tortillas with chicken in a pumpkin seed sauce, shredded cabbage, fajita vegetables and creama
Spanish Fondue Station: Garlic and Romesco sauces with grilled vegetables (zucchini, peppers, onion and mushrooms), grilled sausages and rustic bread chunks for dipping

Tray Service
Ceviche shooters with blue tortilla chips
Higos con jamon (ham wrapped figs)
Gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp)
Spanish torta with potato, chorizo and onions; Spanish torta with potato and onions
Smoked salmon quesadillas with sour cream and salsa; Cheese quesadillas with sour cream and salsa
Corncakes with mango and avocado salsa

I like this idea for the pre-ceremony food display:
And this for the pre-ceremony beverage bar:

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