The Venue

This is the entrance to Paradise Ridge Winery. A one lane, paved road takes you up the hillside to the winery and then the tasting room (which is where the actual ceremony/reception is held). The road takes you through fields and vineyards. The winery is well known for the abstract art that is scattered throughout the fields and forest areas of the property.

This is the view of the tasting room from the road leading up to the winery. I think it is a beautiful building that fits perfectly into our Spanish style wedding. The main deck is one of the most amazing parts of the venue, as it looks directly west and on a clear day, you can see for miles. We will be getting married at sunset.

The Paradise Ridge tasting room and vine room is currently undergoing renovations, which should be completed by April 2008. Here is a drawing of how the Vine Room (the main reception room) will look by the time my wedding rolls around. My favorite part is that they are getting Chivaris!
Pre-ceremony drinks and appetizers will be served down here. Then the guests will walk up a side path to the cereomony area.
This is where the ceremony will be, with the same layout (minus the hideous chairs that give me nightmares).

This deck is one of my favorite parts of the property. It will be perfect for a lounge area. We will also hang some Chinese lanterns from the tree branches.
Another view of the deck.

This is the main deck that overlooks the West side of Santa Rosa (where the sun will set during our ceremony). We will have cocktail tables instead of the large rounds.

This is the main room where the dancing will take place. We will not have this many tables and will also have some cocktail tables around the edge of the room. (Again, minus the chairs!)
UPDATE: The renovation is nearly complete! Here is a picture of the new chandeliers (imported from Italy). Also, check out the new wainscoating.

This is a new indoor/outdoor bar (the tasting bar used to only be inside).

The wood frames are new and the fireplace has been revamped.

This is the Champagne Cellar. It normally does not come with the wedding rental, but if we want to use the downstairs for pre-ceremony, then this comes with the additional rental fee. We still don't know if or how we will use it. They set up a poker table down here before the wedding, but Eric has emphasized that he will not be using it (why he is so vehement, I don't know...).

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