FI and I want a cake with chocolate icing. We are considering either a plain chocolate cake decorated with bright colored flowers, or a chocolate cake with some henna-like designs in one of our wedding colors (bright fuchsia, blue, or marigold). But, this is my absolute favorite and I think will be the main inspiration for our cake:

UPDATE: We have FINALLY chosen a cake baker! We are keeping the cake simple and having one flavor throughout - fudge icing (YUM) with white cake and fresh strawberries and whipped cream filling.
More cakes that I like:

This cake is so elegant and pretty. I can imagine it in chocolate icing with maybe a fuchsia ribbon base....I also think the amount of flowers is just right!

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andreajade said...

Your cake inspirations are so pretty! If you want to do cupcakes for a shower or anything else...I'm opening a cupcake shop in Sonoma Co!