Bridal Bouquets:

This bouquet fits my color scheme EXACTLY (it's actually kind of scary...), even down to the bright blue ribbon, except I think I want more emphasis on the fuchsia and less on the gold/orange:

Reception Flowers I Like:

I love these centerpieces! I think we will be using two similar ones for our altar pieces for the ceremony.

**Knottie Mrs.Veroni**

These flowers are gorgeous and are totally the right color.
Love, love, LOVE this centerpiece by R. Jack Balthazar.

I love these tea centerpiece containers. It would be awesome if we could get Mexican tea and coffee containers.
We were thinking of having our initials in flowers on the bathroom doors.

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Amanda said...

hi, my name is amanda and I am also getting married at Paradise Ridge in June ... I think you already introduced yourself months ago, but I am rarely on. Have you decided on a florist?? I have yet to book anyone, and don't want to spend a fortune either. Feel free to email me at adgranger at gmail dot com