Paper Stuff Inspiration

I am fortunate enough to have an aunt who is a graphic designer and has offered to design our invitations for us. As of now, I would like to print gocco all of the stationery, but am getting some outside pressure (ahem, Eric and my parents) to go to a printer and get them printed.

Eric drew these images as inspiration for our stationery.

I love Mrs. Veroni's pocketfold and presentation. I also like the idea of mailing it in a box.
I want to do pocketfold and will probably use Cards and Pockets Rectangolo pocketfold.

General Inspiration:

Monogram/Logo Inspiration:

For the cigar label, except with an 8 in the middle instead:
I want to have a map like one of these included with the invitations:

I love all of these signs:

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