The Dress

After months of procrastination and indecision, I found "the dress." I am absolutely in love with it, dream about it, and want to wear it all day long. I bought it at the Cymbeline trunk show at Lili Bridals in Tarzana. It was more than I wanted to spend ($2,250) but because it was a trunk show and I got to talk with one of the designers, I am getting the following "deal":

* 10% off the dress
* Free veil
* Made to fit my measurements, so hopefully I wont need alterations (it has a corset back, so it can accommodate some weight gain/loss)
* Custom changes to the neckline by the designer for free

Here it is! (In link form so Eric doesn't take a peek)

My Dress

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Courtney said...

Neat! Tarzana is my home town! :) Small world.

Love your bio!